The most sought after real-estate project in Downtown Montreal

When the Montreal Children’s Hospital moved to its new location, an important page of Montreal’s history was written. The redevelopment of the site represents an amazing opportunity for the entire community and will start a new chapter in Montreal’s history. The project will offer different types of residential units, such as apartments for rent, condominiums and community housing.

Present and future residents of the area will benefit from the commercial spaces on the ground floor,  the close proximity of the metro station, and the Downtown core

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Superior quality housing

The project will offer different types of residential units, such as apartments for rent, condominiums and community housing.

Future residents of this project will appreciate the modern environment and high quality construction. Apartments as well as condos will be offered in different models and sizes. Floor plans are not available yet, but Devimco Immobilier is presently designing units which will live up to the company’s high quality standards and answer the needs of various customers.

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Extraordinary common areas

Devimco Immobilier plans to offer spectacular common areas in this project. A Sky Lounge located on the top floor of one of the towers will offer breath-taking views of the city and the mountain. Another great advantage for people living in the project will be the amazing training centre, one of the largest to be built inside a housing tower in Montreal, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  A superb swimming pool where residents will be able to relax and have fun will complete the training centre.

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Proximity services

For the benefit of present and future residents of the area, the project will offer commercial and office spaces on the ground floor.

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Devimco Immobilier

A vision of development shaping the future.

For 25 years, Devimco Immobilier has stayed a step ahead of the competition. Devimco is a leader in real estate development in Quebec that stands out in design and implementation of major real estate projects.

Developing refined and innovative mixed-use projects and « lifestyle » type commercial centres such as the Quartier DIX30, District Griffin and Solar Uniquartier, Devimco Immobilier is the proud creator of unique living environments in Quebec.

Its core values? Innovation and creativity.


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